I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation e-mail.
Don't worry. In 99% of the cases we received your order and will contact you as soon as possible.
 Do you sell bootleg copies?
All Japanese, European and US-CDs we offer are GENUINE ORIGINAL items, no bootlegs from Asia. The CD-Rs we offer (i.e. Kosmic Archives, Kevin Manthei CDs, Genesis Amiga Soundtrack) are licensed copies. All fees will be paid to the composer / producer.
 What do CDs cost in my currency?
  (e.g. US$, CAD....)
Because exchange rates change daily we cannot provide an exact calculation of foreign currencies. You may have a look at http://www.oanda.com/converter/classic for a currency converter.
 Are all CDs in stock?
Usually we have all products in stock. If a product is unexpectadly out of stock we can place a back order until the missing CD is available again. Thereby we save extra costs which usually would be added to prices for products. At any rate you will receive an e-mail with a prospective date of delivery.
 I want to pay the invoice after receiving
  the products.
We send only prepaid products. If you choose payment by transfer, we will wait until the money arrives at our bank.
 Received two order numbers / confirmations?
Through an oversight you clicked two times the button "submit". You recieved 2 confirmation mails with two different order numbers, but with the same products. Don't worry, we will send only one order.
 Do you have a synSONIQ record shop
  in other countries?
Unfortunately we don't have any shops or distributors in other countries. If you are interested in selling our CDs in your country, please write an e-mail with informations about your business.
 E-mails to Chris Hülsbeck
Chris Hülsbeck reads all e-mails and letters by himself, though he can not answer every question personally. We thank you for your patience.
 You are looking for a special soundtrack?
You are looking for a soundtrack which is not available at synSONIQ? Just write an e-mail with your request and we will search for it. Usually such a search takes a few weeks. You may not recieve a confirmation or answer immediately.
 Special discount for big orders?
If you order more than 5 products you need not to pay for postage and packing. Unfortunately we can not give you further discounts.
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