Turrican Soundtrack
Chris Hülsbeck
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Releasedate at synSONIQ: 1993
Ordering number: KCD4
EAN: 402872300014
Turrican Soundtrack (iTunes D)
TURRICAN Soundtrack on iTunes

Price: EUR 16.95
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The Audio CD is out of print. You can buy the MP3 album from iTunes (see links)

Noble melodies and orchestral sounding pieces! One of the best soundtracks which have ever been composed for a game. All tracks have been studio-recorded and newly programmed with up-to-date synth sound. These melodies are among the true classics and a must-have for every fan of videogame-music! A selection of melodies from Turrican 1, 2 and 3.

01. Opening
02. Prologue
03. Main Title
04. Techno Dungeon
05. The Desert Rocks
06. The Great Bath
07. Walker Factory
08. The Hero
09. Bionic Action
10. Air Combat
11. Climb To Survive
12. Transfer To The Battlefield
13. The Machine
14. Countdown
15. Freedom
16. Bonustrack: Turrican Medley
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