Jade Empire
Jack Wall
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Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2006-03-09
Bestellnummer: SUMCD17

Preis: EUR 15.95
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Der fantastische original Soundtrack zum Xbox Spiel. Von Jack Wall, dem Komponisten von Myst 3 und 4.

01. The Way of the Open Palm
02. Jade Empire Main Theme
03. Hills and Fields / Dance of the Babbling Brook
04. Fist / Test Your Mettle
05. Dawn Star Theme
06. The Tea House
07. Fury, Hammer and Tongs
08. Anthem of the Tyrant
09. Buried Secrets / Whispers
10. Mischief in the Marsh
11. Empire at War
12. Death's Hand Suite
13. A Night Out
14. Fires of Chaos
15. House of Spirits / The Dark Land
16. Metropolis I and II
17. Ill Winds
18. Ballad of the Drunken Revelers
19. Call to Victory
20. Into the Fray
21. The Waterdragon
22. Last Rites / Internment
23. Silk Fox Theme
24. Wine and Women
25. Lost in the Wilds / The Hunt
26. Sky Theme
27. Tribute
28. Rending of Flesh
29. Soaring / Stormclouds
30. Torment / The Way of the Closed Fist
31. Sanctuary
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