Penumbra - Special Edition
Mikko Tarmia
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Releasedate at synSONIQ: 2010-01-08
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Penumbra Soundtrack - Special Edition is a thrilling new release from The Sound of Fiction label. The Penumbra series, developed by Frictional Games, has achieved cult status, and Mikko Tarmia's essential soundscape has been consistently lauded as one of the series' greatest achievements.
MIkko has also composed the music to the survival horror game Amnesia.
For the first time this all in one place album delivers over one hour and 27 tracks of remastered music from all three games, in addition to exclusive and previously unreleased material. Series narrative designer, Tom Jubert, returns to provide an exclusive text and further insight into Penumbra’s twisted tale. The series’ dark, signature theme tunes and ambient soundscapes make this an essential purchase for any VGM or horror aficionado, not to mention the serious Penumbra fan.

Official industrial Audio CD-R.

01. A letter from Red
02. Water tunnels
03. Close to evil
04. Original Penumbra theme
05. Residential corridors
06. Infected is near I
07. Light inside darkness
08. Theme for Overture
09. Iron mine
10. Cells
11. Overture intro theme
12. Spider attack (alternative version)
13. Ice cave
14. A moment of relief
15. Theme for Black Plague
16. Kennel area
17. Chemical laboratory
18. Infected is near II
19. Black Plague ending (alternative version)
20. Run!
21. Library (alternative version)
22. Farewell for Dr. Swanson
23. Theme for Requiem
24. Mining room
25. Hive mind
26. Mess hall
27. Requiem ending
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